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Future Dev Day 2014 – talks from the conference_

Last October we have organized the third edition of Future Dev Day, the internal conference for software developers. It was a day full of inspirational talks about industry news. Additionally, participants had opportunity to attend one of the four workshops organized next day.

Such event is one of the ways to support knowledge exchange in developing company. We, engineers, want to be inspired by our colleagues. We want to learn about interesting solutions in other teams. Unfortunately, chats during coffee or lunch breaks do not answer that needs anymore, as there are over 600 of us in the company. FDD gave us the opportunity to collect best ideas from across the company, and present them to the others in a lightweight and inspirational form.

Additionally we have invited Maciej Aniserowicz, well known Polish speaker and blogger, to give us talk on Dependency Injection.

As those talks are so inspirational and worth seeing, we decided to show them to the world.
I’m pleased to present a selection of best talks from FDD 2014. Please enjoy videos below!
Presentations are given in Polish, but for one of them we have prepared subtitles for the English speaking readers.

Dependency Injection: Maciej Aniserowicz

ASP.NET vNext – co nowego: Michał Dudak

Orleans – aplikacje, które skalują i dystrybuują się same: Krzysztof suszka

Docker – otwarta platforma dla aplikacji rozproszonych: Paweł Szczekutowicz

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