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Agata Ostaszewska-Smykała

The Three Amigos

The difference between what a customer really wants and what a development team thinks may cause real troubles. The Three…

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Arkadiusz Kawka, Daniel Kostrzewa, Mateusz Chrobok, Piotr Wittchen, Michał Perczak, Marek Ozaist and Tymoteusz Rogowski

Devoxx Conference summary

This year, for the first time the Devoxx conference was held in Poland. There were plenty of lectures and experts…

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Krzysztof Szabelski

Pragmatic Pair Programming

Introduction For the last few months I had opportunity to practice Pair Programming and observe other people using it. I’ve…

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Michał Zachara

Let’s be agile!

We are a team; we are winners – thought manager of the project like many others on the IT market.…

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Paweł Pustelnik

IT Contracts – part 3

In the article concerning different models of contracts, I have presented those created for agile projects. Many companies have their…

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